Saturday, 10 March 2012

OS News rated Fedora Core 1 as Mild

Well I read it a while ago and I expected that, but I thought I wouldn't judge until I see myself. Its not like I am going to use fedora or anything. I am happy with my Gentoo settings on my pc and my laptop. I still have Redhat on my gateway. I doubt I will remove it from there. Since I wont update it or anything. Well Redhat lovers can try fedora and tell us their opinion.

In my humble opinion I would say for all users stick to Debian or a Debian based Distro. did you ever look at their software tree?? thousands of apps... I think it reached over 17000 lately.

For developers I advice Gentoo because of its high customizability that u don't find in any binary Distro. I know... the first install is a b*tch it takes hours. but once its done its done. its not like you have to install it everyday.

There is Mandrake 9.2 out in the market too. as a Desktop machine. Mandrake has always been great specially with their extra support. like Arabic support that I doubt any other Distro has it properly.

Well there is still Slackware. I used slackware for like 8 months. Its not for everyone. its for someone who wants to get his hands dirty. Slackware isn't a "normal" Distro. its directory structure is way different. Libraries location etc.... try to compile an app for Slackware.. oh boy... what a headache... but u know it teaches you everything. its because of Slackware that I can nearly solve any problem on my machine. it taught me how to read. something that not a lot people know how to do.

Maybe u are thinking Gentoo is as dirty because of its source nature. I'll reply no. except for first time its abit annoying since u have to learn a lot specially about cflags and make configuration. But once its up and running, Gentoo is full of Perl and bash scripts to automate a lot of things. like for example to add a SSH at boot:
rc-update add SSH default.

Writing init file is damn easy as well, those little things that make developing and configuring way faster than other Distros. but is it for everyone? NO, and don't think about putting Gentoo as desktop with X on a pc under 800 mhz.. its not because it wont run. it will run perfectly and better than most Distro. but the first install for example on a 233mhz can last 2 days.

There is SUSE as well. frankly the only time I used suse was for 2 days, it was SUSE 7.1 I don't know how it is now but I still remember YAST, was great.

I think I said it all. as its the longest article I have written in ages.

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